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Heavy Duty Corrugated Packaging

We manufacture a wide range of heavy duty corrugated cases in heavy duty grades of board. Cartons are tailor made to customers’ individual requirements, and a printing service is readily available.  

Corregated PackagingBenefits:

  • Added Protection - heavy duty corrugated boxes are designed for the protection of large and heavy products when shipping abroad.
  • High Performance - our heavy duty boxes are more resistant to physical damage and stack failure.
  • Health & Safety - handles can be attached to heavier packs for safe working practices.

Our specialty is in the area of small to medium runs of heavy duty double wall and triple wall export cartons made from corrugated cardboard.

Corregated Packaging

These can be integrated with corrugated fitments, rigid or flexible foam moulds to ensure full security of your product during transport.

We also offer an extensive range of die cut heavy duty cartons and fittings also made to your specific requirements.

As well as this, a free design service for heavy duty corrugated boxes is available for all new and existing customers.



For more information on our Heavy Duty Corrugated Packaging, please call us.

Bespoke heavy duty packaging in robust heavy duty corrugated boxes keeps large objects safe in transit. For production runs of our heavy duty corrugated boxes and extra strength bespoke heavy duty packaging there are small to medium runs available. Bespoke heavy duty packaging or heavy duty corrugated boxes includes rigid or flexible foam if liked.  Heavy duty corrugated boxes, Die cut cartons and fittings are also available options with our bespoke heavy duty packaging.  Bespoke heavy duty packaging is tailor made from heavy duty grades of board to make reliable and sturdy heavy duty corrugated boxes. Our design service for bespoke heavy duty packaging and heavy duty corrugated boxes is free to all customers when you order from us.